SMT-80 Digital Thermostat

The SMT-80 and SMT-80RF and two brand new thermostats designed, engineered and built by Smart Temp Australia P/L. These powerhouse thermostats have been designed to be amazingly simple to operate, provide a great user experience with large bright back-lit display and simple buttons.

The SMT-80 has been built to the highest standard yet offered at truly affordable pricing.   

SMT-770 Chameleon

  • Multifunction Temperature Controller
  • 7 Day or Manual Programming
  • 3 Fan Speed
  • Auto Changeover
  • Multistage Outputs
  • 24Volt Control
  • Remote Sensor Option
  • Suitable for Reverse Cycle and Gas Heat/Cool Systems
  • Modbus Communication

SMT-400 "Enterprise" Wi-Fi" Thermostat

  • Wi-Fi controlled with Free Apple and Android App
  • Single, 3 speed and DC fan control.
  • Auto or Manual changeover
  • Keyboard locks and temperature controlled limits
  • Modbus RTU communications
  • Relay and 0-10V outputs
  • Remote temperature sensor and other inputs
  • 7 day programmable via the Smart Temp Comfort App (365 day programming via the web portal)
  • Inbuilt occupancy detection logic (Requires optional PIR sensor or switches)
  • Inbuilt logic for free "Economy Cooling" (0-10V economy outputs)
  • Inbuilt de-ice control (requires optional sensor)

Apollo 44-850 Touch Screen Thermostat

  • 24VAC or Battery Powered (2 x AA)
  • Large Backlit LCD
  • Security Logic inc Key Lock & Limit Control
  • 7 day or Manual Operation
  • Programmable Fan Logic
  • Heat Cool & Heat Pump Logic
  • Single & Multistage Control
  • Remote Sensor Inputs
  • Outside Temperature Display
  • Designed and Built by Smart Temp Australia

42-160 Residential Thermostat

  • Battery Powered or 24Vac 
  • 5+2 Day Programming
  • 1 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool
  • Suitable for Heat Pump or Gas Heat/ Cool
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Manual Change Over
  • includes two AA Alkaline batteries

  • SMT-150 Digital HVAC Controller

    A Fully featured digital HVAC controller with time and money saving features built in at no extra cost.

    Designed and built to impeccable standards yet offered at a price sure to impress.

    Digitally easy, and digitally accurate. Smart Temp yet again raises the bar.


    SMT-920 Viking HVAC Controller

    • Commercial Din Mounted HVAC Controller
    • 4 Stage Compressor Outputs
    • Lead Lag
    • 365 Day Time Clock
    • Built In Ecomony Outputs 
    • 0-10V Heat / Cool Valve Connections
    • Power Input 24V or 90 to 250VAC  
    • Meets all 2010 BCA

    SMT-131 "Smart" Hotel Thermostat


    • Bright Backlit Touch Screen
    • Intuitive Operation
    • 1 or 3 Fan Speed Control
    • 0-10v output for DC fan with high speed limit
    • Relay Outputs
    • 0-10Volt outputs for heating & cooling
    • Modbus RTU Communications
    • Direct Unoccupied /  occupied input
    • Temperature Control Limits
    • Full Occupancy logic built in (PIR Door & window inputs)
    • Normally open /  normally closed logic for all inputs
    • C/F Button can be enabled on LCD if required
    • Do not disturb /  Make up room buttons can be enabled / disabled as needed
    • Fully configurable display by installer to suit project

    SMT-10 Mechanical Thermostat

    • Mechanical Thermostat
    • Temperature Range 10 Deg C - 30 Deg C
    • Voltage Free Contact NO-NC
    • Maximum Switching Voltage 240VAC 5 Amps

    SMT-110 Digital Thermostat

    • Single Stage Heat/ Cool
    • Reverse Cycle or Gas Heat / Cooling
    • Battery Powered 2 AAA or 24Vac
    • 24Vac Equipment Control
    • Controlling Temperature 5-35DegC
    • Auto Change Over
    • Backlit LCD

    Falcon SMT-880 Colour Touch

    • 5" Colour LCD with Capacitive Touch
    • Up to 9 Temperature Controlled Zones
    • Up to 4 Wall Controller Per System
    • Supports Multi fan and Multi stage Systems
    • Humidity Control
    • 0-10 Volt outputs
    • Photo Frame Function
    • Easy to Install & Easy to Use 
    • App coming soon 
    • Payment / Theft Lock
    • Designed and Manufactured by Smart Temp

    SMT-700 elegance

    • 7 Day or 2 Event Programming
    • Multistage Equipment Control
    • Built in Two Zone Control
    • Powered by 24 or 240 Volt
    • Relays all Voltage Free
    • Equipment Fault Input
    • Built in Economy Function
    Replaces MJB Controls ACCS-1