Interface Boards

SMT-2W5 2 to 5 wire module

The SMT-2W5 from smart temp has been designed to provide a solution to when you don't have enough wires on a project for a given task when running new wires is simply too time or cost prohibitive.  Using a single pair of wires, the SMT-2W5 will provide you the same functions as R,C, G, Y1, Y2, W1 W2.  

  Every tradie should have one of these as Van Stock

  • Uses 2 standard 0.2m wires
  • powered by 24VAC
  • Provides 24VAC at up to 0.5A to power a thermostat
  • Provides 5 relays (single relay common - Volt free)
  • Typical output use is R, C, G, Y1, Y2, W1, W2 with just 2 wires.
  • Receiver module is DIN mounted
  • Sender module made extremely small to fit inside wall behind thermostat.
  • Extremely low cost solution to a broken or missing 24V wires
  • Designed and built by Smart Temp Australia

Smartpak 3 240-24V Interface Module

The Smartpak 3 interface module is a simple and reliable device that has been built to permit a 24V thermostat or other low voltage devices to switch equipment with 240V control circuitry.


  • 3 Relay Interface
  • 10 Amp Omron Relays
  • Compact Size 
  • LED Status Indication
  • Fused 240V Output
  • Fused 24V Supply to thermostat
  • Din mountable
  • Supplied with Din Mount

Replaces -  MJB 3PAK, enerstat Isopak3, Airfact 6RLB, Hanwest IB057

Smartpak 6 240-24 Volt Interface

  • 6 Relay Interface
  • 10 Amp Relays
  • Fused  outputs
  • Lead Status indication
  • Fault Input

DFT-880 Defrost Module

  • 240 Volt Powered
  • LED Status Indication
  • Adjustable Control Parameters
  • Force Defrost Function
  • DIN Mounted
Replaces MJB Controls EDF-02 & Avion DFT-100

OC-3D Occupancy Module


  • Perfect for Hotel & Class Rooms
  • Door Position Detection
  • Input from up to 3 PIR's
  • Separate output for Lighting & HVAC control
  • Adjustable Mode (Hotel or School mode)
  • Adjustable Dwell Time
  • LED Status Indication

SMT-IO Modbus Interface Module

  • 10 Volt Free Relays
  • 8 Universal Inputs 0-10V-10KNTC - Digital
  • 2 0-10Volt Outputs
  • 24V Powered
  • Modbus RTU