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  • New Controller to Arrive Soon

    Sunday, September 16, 2018
    Smart Temp is pleased to announce the pending release of our new 6DIN manual controller, the SMT-150.   This controller has been designed and built by Smart Temp to be a extremely simple to install and setup but also offer energy efficiency control of up to 3 compressor systems with support for digital scrolls and economy cycle.

    This impressive controller has also been designed as a plug in replacement for many other brands of non-programmable HVAC controllers and can even use their sensors if required  (More features are available when using Smart temp Sensors however).

    The SMT-150 has been built to a very high standards and uses the latest microprocessors technology to ensure the highest energy efficiencies are maintained, however the SMT-150 will be provided to the trade at prices so competitive it you may not believe your ears.

    The SMT-150 will be on the shelf and ready for sale in January 2019

    Contact Smart Temp for additional information and pricing on this soon to be released product