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  • Wi-Fi comes to Smart Temp

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017
    Smart Temp are please to announce the pending release of the SMT-400 "Enterprise" thermostat. Designed and built by Smart Temp Australia the SMT-400 is the pinnacle of thermostat excellence.

    Suited to both residential and light commercial applications, the SMT-400 brings many capabilities not previously found in a wall thermostat -  wire the optional outdoor air sensor and some dampers directly to the SMT-400 to enable full economy cycle cooling. -Connect a PIR sensor directly to the SMT-400 and you have full automatic occupancy detection. Warm start and De-ice function simply needs the addition of the appropriate sensor.

    Using the Smart Temp Comfort App (Now up on the App store and soon to Android) or log in via the Smart Temp web portal to unlock a wealth of extra capability and convenience. 

    Those of you that know and already use Smart Temp products will know the quality and capability of our products. The SMT-400 "Enterprise" will soon be the new standard in wall thermostats.

    We are accepting orders now for a January 2018 Delivery - but be quick, the first shipment will go quick.